Website design for Burlesque artist

The objective — To create a compelling narrative for the users, lower the bounce rate and increase traffic.

Date — March 2020

Role — Lead designer, content strategist

Deliverables — User flow . Mid-fidelity wire frames . High-fidelity mock-ups . Style guide & UI components . Content strategy

Users — There are two target groups. The first, women (30-55) who are organizing an event either for a personal affair or a corporate event. This group reaches the website organically. The second group is a younger audience who follows Fay on social media (18-30).

How can we?

Map a user flow for two different user groups.

As the website has two distinct user groups it’s essential to have a clear idea about the information architecture, to make sure user and business goals are met. We’re going from a one-pager, where all the shows are immediately visible to a more layered experience.

The user goals are for organic traffic (40%, 2019) to book a show and for social traffic to gather burlesque and empowering content, inspiration and goods.


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How can we?

Create a style guide guided by elegance, playfulness and power.

Creating a playful look with dynamic background elements & floating buttons. The color palette is based on the existing photo material which have mainly pink and purple pastel colours. I paired it with a neutral greyish blue hue for contrast.

Orpheus Pro is a classic serif-typeface and is used for the headers. Categories and body text are set in Helvetica Neue.




Gradients pink & blue



The end product​

The result is responsive website optimised for search engines and build in WordPress by developer Bastiaan Boekling. See the prototype I made as a deliverable and visit the website.