Website redesign for food/travel journalist

All Day every Daisy


A website divided into two themes, for a food-loving couple, travelling the world in a sustainable way.


Offering a variety of responsible travel tips will help users to make their journey more sustainable.

Providing busy people with the tools and tips to prepare a trip and plan an itinerary, will help them save time. It will make them come back because of how easy it is.

How can we?

Content → Create a better experience for its visitor by improving the customer journey.

Design/Visual → Taking advantage of so many beautiful pictures taken over the years. Clear, clean & modern.

Commercial → Space for adjustable banners, making partnerships with partners more attractive.

Overarching → Develop the brand and normalize responsible practices at the dinner table, at home and abroad.



The new logo typeface is a playful twist of its original. With the new type, the logo is more readable on screens. 




In the initial website, the icons served as a decorative element. In the new design, the icons are as buttons to switch from a theme. The colors are more simple, to fit in with the rest of the design.




The result is a responsive website optimised for search engines and build in WordPress.